SHARE Conference

SHARE Conference

SHARE Conference is a weekend-long public, free and non-commercial event blending Internet culture, policy and technology related daytime conference with a dynamic cutting-edge music festival by night. SHARE Conference brings together 1500-2000 of passionate people, forward-thinkers, opinion makers, cultural creatives, activists and artists from all around the world for talks, debates and parties in 72 hours of a powerful gathering of people who share ideas, knowledge and creativity.

SHARE Conference has been organized twice in Belgrade, in 2011 and 2012, in Lebanon (Beirut) in 2012, and in 2013 the latest version of the SHARE Conference - SHARE Cyberpunk Academy in Croatia (Rijeka), where key speakers and opinion makers tackled current trends and debates in the digital world, including the NSA case, the TOR project and the possibility of creating a regional policy for the protection of digital right.

SHARE Conferences are about understanding and celebrating Internet culture and all the aspects of open, decentralized and accessible forms of communication, exchange and creation. They’re about the empowerment of individuals and the networking of like-minded people. They’re about setting the values and new standards that will prevent any kind of oppression, censorship and surveillance for future generations. They’re about understanding alternative economic, cultural and educational models. They’re about Internet ecology and struggles to protect the Internet as an open and free territory for all of us. They’re about energizing sub-cultural groups and praising the diversity that these cultures bring. They’re about promoting open access to software, hardware, information, knowledge, science, government, design and almost everything else that can be open. They’re about sharing. They’re about how to do it yourself.

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