Exit Festival

Exit Festival

Exit Festival is an annual summer music festival in the Petrovaradin Fortress of Novi Sad, Vojvodina, Serbia. It is staged annually since 2000 and since 2003 lasts four days.

Held in the 18th century fortress by the Danube, the festival quickly grew in stature and reputation. From its grass roots political beginnings, over to occasional problems with financing, Exit tries to stick to its initial mission of providing relevant entertainment to Serbian youth while also bringing pertinent social topics to the forefront.

Exit held an important role for the development of HNS Creative. From it's early editions, people working for marketing, design and electronic music booking departments of Exit, were the ones that founded HNS at the end.

During all these years, we have done more than 50 campaigns for Exit Festivals, worked closely in organization of each edition, and were the partners in developing the strategy for the Festival itself.



"Best European Festival in 2007."

- UK Festival Awards

2000 - 2013
Marketing, PR, Booking, Art Direction, Photography, Production, Branding, Video production