Bike Park Bukovac

Bike Park Bukovac


Couple of years ago, a few very close friends sat down together and decided to create a playground for something they were passionate about. Extreme sports and freeride mountainbiking/bmx in particular was something that was gaining ever increasing momentum and interest among riders in the region. The idea and enthusiasm for this project came about due to passion towards these sports and obvious lack of infrastructure to enjoy them. For them, this was a breading ground for new ideas, content generation and enjoyment in general. 


In 2014 , the municipality of Bukovac near Novi Sad showed interest in donating a piece of land for use above the vilage of Bukovac to a dedicated group of people eager to create a space for freeride mountain biking and bmx . Little by little, pieces came together and long imagined visions came to reality. Endles hours of machine work and showelling sculpted a hill overlooking Novi Sad into a biker's paradise with lines accomodating riders of all skill levels. A space was created for not only riding bikes untill the sun goes down, but for socializing and experiencing nature from the city's balcony.


Opening a dirt park in Bukovac, with all its magnitude and location, has potential to bring like minded people together. This is our primary goal. Entire region lacks this kind of infrastructure and we would be delighted to see riders from all over Europe and beyond come here and ride, and by doing so inflaming interest in kids and local riding scene in general.

This page is intended to be a gathering place for all interested in participating in this project, whether its riding, helping around with maintenance or just finding out about when and what is going on in our park. This will also be a place for quality content sharing related to our sport. Enjoy and come and play!




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