Agropanonka Poljoprivredni sajam 2019

Agropanonka Poljoprivredni sajam 2019

Agropanonka – number 1 company in Serbia in number of sold tractors, hired us again for their appearance at Agricultural fair in Novi Sad, the biggest fair in the country. They have two stands, one for Belarus tractors and machines, and the other for Mahindra vehicles.


We made for Belarus stand one awesome Formula 1 out of tractor parts, and the whole stand was inspired by Formula races and concept. The idea is that drivers of Formula 1 have an entire team helping them win the race, and for farmers that are Belarus and Agropanonka.


On the other stand it was very important to show new models in Serbian market, so we decided to single out those model in special “boxes” with large branding.


We enjoyed this project, and working with Agropanonka is always fun and exciting!

Event Production, Stage Branding, Set Design